May 2010 — Producer Robin Lung Travels to NYC for Research

Pro­duc­er Robin Lung trav­eled from Hawai‘i to New York City, New Jer­sey and Con­necti­cut to research her doc­u­men­tary film on Li Ling-Ai and KUKAN.  She was able to meet with sev­er­al of Li Ling-Ai’s friends and access impor­tant archives at Colum­bia Uni­ver­si­ty and Prince­ton deal­ing with US/China rela­tions and the pre-WWII Chi­na Aid effort.  With the assis­tance of expert cam­era­man Frank Ayala,  Robin inter­viewed Rey Scot­t’s niece Con­nie Tup­per who saw KUKAN when she was 12 years old.

Frank Ayala, Robin Lung and Connie Tupper

Cam­era­man Frank Ayala and Pro­duc­er Robin Lung inter­view Rey Scot­t’s niece Con­nie Tupper


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